28th November

"Act, Engage, Inspire!"

28.November Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana

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Work as management advisor to CEOs

A.T. Kearney is one of the leading global consultancy companies, with 2300 employees in 40 countries. Their mission is to help leading global companies, with gaining and retaining their competitive advantage. They reach their goals with work, that is based on cooperation and creative thinking. A.T. Kearney is searching for Students of Economics from 3rd, 4th and 5th year, so that they test themselves in their workshop. Apply for the event and stop being average. Workshop Language: English Max. Number of Participants: 25

Work Abroad

Working abroad is a unique opportunity to gain new working and life experiences. It enables you to discover different cultures and to improve your knowledge of foreign languages. In the first part of the workshop, we will present main opportunities for Slovenians, who want to work abroad. Second part will be dedicated to a round table, where we will invite students, who already had this experience, to share their stories and learnings. Workshop Language: Slovenian Max. Number of Participants: 40

ABC of business communication

Abilities of successful communications are crucial in the business world. Communication is a process of giving, sending and receiving information. Besides having the right information, is important that everyone knows how to establish the first contact with a client. Skills in interpersonal relationships are the basis for working in an organization, a team and business partners. Key emphasis in the workshop: – How to make a good first impression? – Development of skills for networking. – Effective use of verbal and written communication. – Working on actual cases form the real business world. Workshop language: Slovenian Max. Number of Participants: 40

Change your idea into a business opportunity

Everyone has ideas, concepts and brilliant flashes. Because we are often too careful, there are only a few people, who are able to recognize or take advantage of business opportunities that are hiding in your ideas. Are you thinking about an independent business path? You already have the idea, but you do not know where to start? Do you have an interesting hobby, to which you dedicate a lot of time and it brings you a lot of joy? Do you think you could turn your hobby into a profitable business? Maybe you don't have the idea jet, but you wish to explore your business path? What will we talk about on this interactive lecture? Where to find business ideas and how to convert them into business opportunities, that will bring you profit? How to verify your idea? How to start and what do you need for a successful start? Possibilities for the cheapest entry to the market. Workshop Language: Slovenian Max. No of Participants: 40

Round table "Creativity for success in business"

Companies found themselves in today's highly competitive business environment dependable on employees creativity and their's unconventional input. Read more about our guests down below.


AIESEC, the largest international youth run organization which was just recently endorsed by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth, is organizing sixth biannual Slovenia Youth to Business Forum.

The goal is to raise awareness for the relevance of creativity in successful business. This event will have 4 workshops each provided by AT Kearney, Zavod Ypsilon, STA potovanja and DATA. Also there will be a panel discussion about creativity in successful businesses. Peter Debeljak, the director of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth will be present in this event showing the office support towards Slovenian youth empowerment.

Slovenia Youth to Business Froum provides the opportunity for students and young people to gain a connection to the business world, to explore and challenge themselves in various different workshops. In the case of Youth to Business in Fall 2014, the main theme of the forum is “Creativity for Success in Business”- through workshops representatives of A.T. Kearney, DATA, STA Potovanja and Zavod Ypsilon; and through the panel discussion – our guests will try to connect you with your creative ideas and give you some or first action steps in achieving that idea; or you can start preparing and education yourself, not only outside of your University lectures, but you can also start developing your professional skills; and preparing yourself for your future business en-devours.

Join us at Youth to Business and find out also have can you become part of an organization, that is striving to achieve better communication between young people and companies, as well as provide you an added value to your University education.


Creativity for success in Business


Why creativity?


Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc.). The ideas and concepts so conceived can then manifest themselves in any number of ways, but most often, they become something we can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste.